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Minnesota Welcomes Mariusz Szczygiel: A Literary Journey Across Continents

Mariusz Szczygiel pictured as he arrives at the Nicollet Inn in Minneapolis 4/26/24

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of renowned Polish journalist Mariusz Szczygieł in Minnesota! Szczygieł, celebrated for his unique blend of diary entries, essays, and literary reportage, embodies the essence of Cross-Cultural Humanism in his work. With over ten books, he offers captivating perspectives that transcend geographical boundaries, making him a literary beacon for readers worldwide.

Szczygieł’s contributions to literature have been widely recognized, earning him accolades such as the European Book Award and a double Nike Literary Award. His influence spans 21 countries, resonating deeply with diverse audiences, including Minnesota's.

Despite experiencing a turbulent flight from New York, Mariusz arrived safely at Minneapolis's Nicollet Island Inn. Reflecting on the flight, he shared that he contemplated his prospective final words, settling on the simple yet profound "Thank you." This reflection encapsulates his life philosophy—one of gratitude and acceptance.

When asked about his expectations for tomorrow's event and his visit to Minnesota, Mariusz conveyed his approach to life: expect nothing and embrace whatever comes. He believes that living without expectations frees one from being entrapped by them. Whether things happen or not, Mariusz embraces each moment with gratitude and openness, a sentiment that deeply resonates with his readers and admirers.

We anticipate a sizable gathering of devoted fans of Mariusz's literary works at the Czech and Slovak Cultural Center and Sokol of Minnesota. This event promises to be a memorable celebration of literature, culture, and community.

Thank you to Sokol, the Cultural Center, and all the volunteers and donors whose efforts and contributions have made this event possible. Join us in welcoming Mariusz Szczygieł and celebrating the profound impact of his work.

See you there!Join us!

Gratitude to Sokol and the Cultural Center, as well as all the volunteers and donors whose efforts and contributions brought this event to fruition.

Originally posted 4/26/24


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