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Medical Society Polish-American Projects

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The Kalejdoskop Polski MN project started with the purpose of telling the story of the Polish-American Community, especially the stories of the post-WWII immigrants who moved to Minnesota. The goal is to add information about the postwar Polish-American immigrant experience in Minnesota culture and America.

The project aims to educate about issues of immigration, the diversity of the Minnesota population, and the importance of oral history narratives from a microhistory perspective. It touches upon many universal values (solidarity, dignity, freedom, resilience, post-traumatic growth, community building, inclusiveness, health access, and equity). We will consider it a success if Polish Americans feel included in Minnesota's story of immigration and if observers experience a powerful sense of empathy in witnessing the stories through a positive and compassionate lens. 

The culmination of this effort took the form of mobile photographic exhibitions that served the dual purpose of educating about history and celebrating the resilience exhibited by the individuals featured. These collected narratives provide invaluable lessons in suffering, survival, and profound gratitude to offer inspiration to all.


Documentary photographer Grzegorz Litynski was contracted to do the project's first two phases.


Phase Three, which started in February 2024, focused on immigrants who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Minnesota-based photographer David Sherman leads the visual part of the project.

Dr. Katarzyna Litak is the project manager, exhibitions curator,  and graphic designer. She conducted oral history interviews for the project.

The project has received grant support from the  Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Metro Regional Arts Council, and the General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago. We also have partnered with the Landmark Center, Ramsey County Historical Society, East Side Freedom Library, Roseville Public Library, and the University of St. Thomas Kowalski's Market and Minneapolis Airport Foundation.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with regarding Virtual Exhibit Tours.

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