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Lonka exhibition opening in Kraków

Author: Grzegorz Litynski

MPMS, a partner of the Lonka project in Poland, is pleased to provide our readers with exclusive photographs from the exhibition opening. The event took place at JCC in Krakow on July 8, 2021. So far, the Lonka project was exhibited in UN headquarter in NYC, in Willy-Brand-Haus in Berlin, and Israel. The exhibition at JCC in Krakow is the first Lonka exhibition in Poland. The collection is open till the end of September 2021, Miodowa Street 24, JCC Krakow.

Grzegorz Lityński, the exhibition curator and MPMS editor, did the curator tour during the opening ceremony. We are pleased to inform you that the Lonka collection presented in Kraków includs four photographs of the Polish Holocaust Survivors photographed by Grzegorz Lityński: Niusia Horowitz-Karakulska, Wiktor Bodnar, Zofia Radzikowska, and Anna Janowska.

Photographs by Grzegorz Lityński and JCC Krakow, with permission.


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