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"Overlooked Polish History"

Adam Larson, a journalist based in Wisconsin, attended the Landmark Center on March 5th. He was present at the opening reception and Adam Han-Gorski's concert, which took place at the Landmark Center on March 5, 2023. Larson had the opportunity to interview Katarzyna Litak, the President of MPMS (Minnesota Polish Museum Society), as well as Kalejdoskop Polski's project manager and exhibitions curator. Additionally, he had a conversation with Adam Han-Gorski himself.

Larson described the Landmark Center's Richardsonian Romanesque architecture as historically significant, and he noted that it added a sense of dignity to both the presentation and Han-Gorski's performance. The concert occurred in Landmark's Center Musser Cortile, a four-story indoor courtyard adorned with a skylight. In his writing, Larson expressed his admiration for the venue and its architectural grandeur.

Thank you, "Poland Weekly."

More details on page 20 of "Poland Weekly."


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