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The Summer 2024 Edition of Perspectives is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce the recent release of the Summer 2024 edition of Minnesota Polish Perspectives, which provides a fresh outlook on impactful stories. You can acquire either a single issue or an annual subscription to the magazine. Join our community of readers and gain access to valuable insights, updates, and compelling content. Discover articles on healthcare and science leaders, contemplate artistic and cultural reflections, and delve into the intricate fabric of Polish American history.

At Perspectives, we focus on presenting content in a contemporary and captivating manner. We meticulously curate photographs and graphics, understanding the power of visual storytelling.

Perspectives is published twice a year. Your purchase or subscription includes a contribution to our organization, aiding our projects and mission. Please be aware that MPMS is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. The estimated tax-deductible amount of your subscription is $75. MPMS Federal Tax EIN is 82-5304603.


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