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Delivery of humanitarian aid to the Donbas region in Ukraine

In the middle of September, MPMS fully funded humanitarian aid transport to Ukraine, specifically to the Donbas area. This region has been subjected to Russian bombardment, resulting in intense fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces. The civilians in Donbas are enduring dire conditions and urgently need humanitarian support.

The supplies, consisting of basic food and necessities, were purchased in Poland by volunteers from the First Baptist Church in Wrocław on behalf of MPMS. These dedicated volunteers then packed the supplies into boxes designed to sustain two people for a two-week period. Two volunteer drivers embarked on the journey, driving the van to various towns in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, including Połtawia, Krzyworizhie, Kramatorsk, and Dobropol. In each town, the packages were delivered to provide vital assistance. Coordination took place with a van from the Nehemiah Initiative Foundation and the Baptist Humanitarian Mission from Chelm to ensure safety throughout the transport.

MPMS extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who generously donated to our organization's Ukrainian Refugee Fund. Special thanks are extended to Choices Psychotherapy Mental Health Clinic in Minnetonka staff in Minnetonka for their support. Together, we can make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

All photographs by Grzegorz Litynski, who participated in this humanitarian mission from the very beginning.


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