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MPMS supports Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

Author: Grzegorz Litynski

These photographs depict a humanitarian relief transport to Ukraine, which was partially funded by contributions collected by MPMS. The transport took place from April 18 to 25, 2022, starting in Lviv and traveling to Kyiv, Bucza, Irpien, Borodianka, and surrounding villages that had been devastated by warfare. The vehicle used for the transport carried several tons of food, medicine, and supplies, which had been collected by the First Baptist Church in Wrocław, private citizens, and a British organization. Notably, the vehicle was equipped with spaces for individuals to lie down, allowing for the safe transportation of people back to Lviv. Among those transported were an elderly individual from Kyiv who could no longer support themselves and an individual with a gunshot wound to the head. The relief efforts aimed to provide essential aid and support to the affected communities in Ukraine.

Photographer Grzegorz Lityński was along to support the transport and document.


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